Dear Guests. Welcome to La Chicca !

We hope that you enjoy our little home in Tuscany as much as we have and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.

We trust that you will find most things that you need to make your visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible. However there are a few idiosyncrasies of which you should be aware.

The hot water is provided by the gas boiler which can be a little temperamental. From time to time it decides not to give hot water in the kitchen/bathroom. If this should happen turn on both taps and the boiler should then fire up to give hot water.

The Italian toaster functions by turning the dial clockwise and waiting until the bread has toasted.

There should be two plug converters in the house.

The rubbish and recycling are important. Under the kitchen sink you will find various coloured plastic bags. The grey bags are for the rubbish bin under the kitchen table for anything that cannot be recycled; Green bags for the grey bin near the sink is for organic matter; Blue for plastic. Paper/cardboard/glass do not have bags. All bags may be deposited in the bins next to the church. You will need the card in the electricity box at the bottom of the stairs in the kitchen to access the red communal bin for the grey bags.

Please feel free to use the washing machine in the bathroom- the instructions are on the top of the machine and washing liquid on the shelf next to the toilet. There are pegs under the kitchen sink. We normally dry our towels by hanging them on the balcony railings.

The light switches in the kitchen are beside the kitchen door and toaster. Among them are an outside light and a switch for the bedroom.

There are 3 light metal chairs in the kitchen which we sometimes use on the balcony and in the living room are a wooden table and chairs for the patio area, together with an umbrella and 2 loungers with cushions.

You are welcome to use any consumables in the kitchen but would be grateful if you would replace any used.

Please feel free to use the board games, books, CDs and DVDs in the lounge/2nd bedroom area. Bananagrams is great to play and is in the fruit bowl on the kitchen table.

Parking: It is usually possible to park in the little square by the church. If it is full we normally park on the road going down on the left

Argigliano does not have a shop, bar or restaurant. The bread van calls at the village each day except Sunday at about 11amish. You will hear the horn beep several times and the white van will, after a few stops up the hill, end up in the small square by the church.

The next village, Pieve San Lorenzo has shops, bar and restaurant. It is a few minutes’ drive/10-15 minutes’ walk away. Go back over the river bridge to the main road and turn right. Pieve is a short distance past the railway station. There is a very good butcher’s on the right which also sells some groceries. There is also a small grocer’s shop tucked away in the centre of the village near the church where you can buy most things. They are closed on Wednesdays. The bar/ restaurant, Il Borghetto, is very good and serves pizzas, pasta dishes, steak etc. It may not be open every day out of high season so please check.

The station is on a line which will take you directly to Lucca, a beautiful walled city about an hour away. You can buy tickets in the station bar, but don’t forget to validate them before you travel.

There are many places of interest and you will find information in the file in the lounge area together with a wallet of cards advertising restaurants in the area.

You can collect the key from Roby. She lives in the first house you will see in front of you as you cross the river bridge into the village of Argigliano. It would be as well to give her a ring before you leave Pisa to let her know that you are on your way.

For more information on this or any other aspect of holidaying in Lunigiana, please navigate to and tell us what you’d like to know.