From a happy visitor to Lunigiana.

We walked from the house up to Ugliancaldo via the footpath by the church with the intention of walking on to Equi Terme but we couldn’t find the footpath and, not having a map, we decided to walk along the road through Casciana to Monzone and cathch the train back.

On another day we got the train to Monzone and walked 6½miles up an ever steepening road to Vinca with the intention of walking footpath 39 back down to Equi Terme. After the first mile or so the footpath emerged from woods onto the mountainside. We crossed two scary rock falls with extreme drops and followed it further as it got narrower and narrower. The path then turned around the side of the mountain where the path started to climb steeply and was totally exposed to a sheer drop down the mountain. At that point we decided that safety was more important than bravado (I lost my nerve as I don’t like heights at the best of times) so we turned back, re-crossed the rock falls and returned to Vinca and back down to Monzone via the same steep road. In total, we walked 17 miles that day but some of the views were absolutely breath-taking. There is a small church just before Vinca, just off the road along the start of the footpath where they have put picnic tables looking out over the valleys where we had our lunch. Vinca, although only one shop, has a sad history written on the wall telling of a German atrocity during the war but is worth driving to just for the views although the same can be said of Ugliancaldo.

That reminds me, in all the emails we exchanged prior to our going to your house(La Chicca) you never mentioned the spectacular views across the valley from your balcony! I’m an early riser and it was wonderful to sit on your balcony with a coffee and a book first thing.

We were really blessed with the weather as it only rained overnight on a couple of occasions although the forecast every day was dreadful. We stopped reading the forecasts.

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