When your students are thinking about getting language experience in Italy, point them towards Lunigiana. When they open their mouth and are identified as “English”, they will not immediately be responded to in English. While the younger people in Lunigiana are willing to speak English, many of the older generation prefer to stick to their mother tongue, thus giving your students much more opportunity to exercise their own Italian.

As an example of a typical town in Lunigiana, we have featured Fivizzano, the perfect centre for people of all ages to explore the area. The photo shows the main square at night. It’s especially good fun if you can arrange your visit for one of the weeks when there is a sagra or festa; the archery contest, with Fivizzano’s internationally know flag throwers, or the food fair, when reasonably priced food and drink can be had in the open air until late into the evening.

Accommodation is available for less than £250 per week for up to 4 people, or from £800 per week for houses sleeping up to 8 people, a bit more if you want a swimming pool.

P. S. It is also very nice in Lunigiana, a good bit cheaper than many of the better known areas of Italy, and they can still say that they have been to “Tuscany”!

For more information on this or any other aspect of holidaying in Lunigiana, please navigate to https://www.luniholidays.co.uk/contact/ and tell us what you’d like to know.