After graduating in European and Euro-American languages and literature, Eleonora chose to become a tour guide in the territory in which she was born, Lunigiana in the north of Tuscany. She has lived there all her life and is fascinated by its art and history, qualities which it enjoys in abundance. This was evident when, last year, she showed me and my group of mature Italian students around Pontremoli’s Castello del Pignaro, fascinating in itself, but then enriched by the permanent exhibition of Statue Stele, the 4,000 year old stone statues which have been uncovered all over Lunigiana. Eleonora’s knowledge of local culture is sufficiently wide to have enabled her to follow this with a tour of Palazzo Dosi, and then, earlier this year, by an extended visit of another group to the even more splendid Villa Dosi. On both occasions Eleonora showed her passion for her life as a tour guide and the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to others.

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