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In Lunigiana it is the name taken by an enthusiastic group of local people based near Pontremoli who have charged themselves with the pleasant task of promoting their area to the outside world.  From their office in Filattiera they organise hiking and cycling itineraries, and for those who may find cycling a little tiring, they have e-bikes which will give you a battery assisted push up the hills(and on the flat if you prefer). In addition, they organise guided tours to places of special interest in the area, such as Villa Dosi and the Giaredo Canyon. Translating fairly freely from their Italian flyer, they offer: Secret Pontremoli – Villa Dosi; with the aid of an English speaking guidethis is a walk around the authentic heart of this most historic of towns,  and the opportunity to enjoy sights which will remain undiscovered by the casual tourist. As from this year, the highlight of the tour is the recently reopened Baroque Villa Dosi, pictured below:

This is normally a late afternoon/early evening tour, from which you can easily slide into aperitivi and dinner at any of the town’s fine restaurants.

By contrast, the Giaredo Canyon Adventure is a good country walk along a footpath following the river which leads to the entrance to the beautiful protected area of the Canyon. From there you can explore the crystal clear pools set amongst the multi-coloured cliffs which tower up on either side of the river.

There is a new plaque on Pontremoli’s Piagnaro Castle which appears just by the entrance to the tunnel which leads to the lift. While you are still welcome to do so, it is no longer necessary to labour up the steps to the castle, the lift will whisk you up in a fraction of the time withour the need for a whiff on the way.

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