I was just planning to write a Blog on Bel Panorama, our latest property in Fosdinovo, when into my Inbox plopped the latest edition of Italy magazine. It opened on a page featuring an advertorial on a shop in Fosdinovo. I liked the style in which their story was written and have decided to reproduce it here in as faithful a translation as I can manage. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and can find the time to visit either in Fosdinovo or at their shop in Sarzana’s via Mazzini.


Make yourself comfortable and take two minutes to read how everything began at Arte Ricami, more than 80 years ago.

Our story starts in 1932 when my great grandmother Iole bought a small location in Via Roma, a narrow cobbled stone street in the heart of Fosdinovo, the lovely Tuscan village where I was born. There she opened her tailoring shop and all the girls from the village came to learn hand embroidery. After the war, her daughter, my grandmother Giorgina, took on the shop. She was able to transform her creativity into fantastic pieces of art such as hand embroidered curtains and bed sheets and, with the support of her husband, she was able to transform Arte Ricami into a successful business, supplying all the locals with handcrafted goods. Next, it was the turn of Giorgina’s only child, my father Roberto, to take over the reins. Although at this time, machine embroidery was gaining ground, my father insisted on further investing into the beautiful art of hand embroidery and together with my mother they opened a brand new and more spacious home textile shop in Fosdinovo. The product range of Arte Ricami widened significantly during this period to include fabric collections for curtains & upholstery, bath & bed linen, fabric lamp shades and kitchen & dining linen.

After university and work experience abroad, I started to understand more clearly the unique value of my parents’ creations. Creating and producing a product in Italy means crafting a quality product, contributing to the local economy, passing on traditions and culture to the next generation, knowing one’s environment well and how to respect it. Watching my parents working over the years, I learned to appreciate the attributes of a family business such as creativity, being independent and believing in a vision of spreading handcrafted goods. So I decide to dive into the family business and into the endless combinations of colours, fabrics and designs, but also relationships with our customers, highly skilled embroiderers and suppliers. This interaction dictates the rhythm of my everyday life and the enthusiasm of my family is the pillar of Arte Ricami.

Our current workshop was once the first shop opened by my great grandmother, Iole, in 1932. Every day we draw our inspiration from this story, always keeping an eye open for new tastes and trends. The result is unique high quality products that emerge from a little workshop on a Tuscan hillside and end up in homes all around the world.

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Republished from Spring 2018.