Fishing through the detritus in my jacket pocket the other day, I came across the receipt for my New Year lunch at Da Remo. We must have splashed out a bit as I see that the bill came to just under 70 euro. If you’ll excuse the pun one of the main culprits appears to be the antipasti. To be honest, we should probably have stopped there. Several dishes of delicacies, vegetables, meats and pies were enough to have fed us for the day. By then, we had already ordered the roast lamb(her) and Chianina Steak(me). Strange then, that when the smiling waitress came to ask whether we would like a dessert, both of us found our “pudding stomach” and managed to put away the semifreddo frutti di bosco; wine, water, bread and coffee accounted for the rest. Da Remo has proved itself time and time again over the 15 years that we have been living in and visiting the area. We thoroughly recommend them for their professionalism and the warm welcome which we have always received there. For more information on the hotel and its restaurants and photgraphs of the rooms and other facilities click on For more information on this subject and any other aspect of holidaying in Lunigiana please don’t hesitate to contact us at