From the Lunigiana to Versilia, passing through the Garfagnana, here are some of the most beautiful routes in the Apuan Alps. High peaks, unique landscapes and exciting experiences.

Castelpoggio – Passo Gabellaccia – Campocecina

This is the first leg of the “Alta Via delle Alpi Apuane” trail. It ends at the CAI “Carrara” retreat in Campocecina (1320 m). The entire excursion is divided into eight separate legs that run NE to SE in the Apuan mountains; stops at all of the major mountain retreats are included.

From the main piazza in Castelpoggio (545 m), the route (signage: CAI 185) initially runs through a small western road that becomes a trail which leads up to the Gabellaccia Pass (MSL 895). Continue in this direction and pass the fork at trail 46 that goes down towards Ponte Storto. The trail runs underneath rock walls that led to caves where traces of primitive dwellings were found, in addition to ruins of the Dogana della Tecchia. It continues to the crest where we find the ancient border between the Tuscan Grand Duchy and the Modena Grand Duchy, today crossed by the Campocecina road.

After the road, the trail continues uphill passing underneath a unique rock arch; goes past two deviations with trail 40, and reaches the houses in Acquasparta—once a shepherding hub—before arriving at the private “Belvedere” retreat (1260 m) located at the end of the Campocecina road.  From here, take the small road through the woods to reach the “Carrara” retreat. This is the end of the first leg. The hike is approximately 3/3.5 hours with an 800 m altitude change. Local transportation runs from Campocecina back to Castelpoggio.

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