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How do I get there?  From UK you can fly either to Pisa or to Genoa, by easyjet, Ryanair or BA. If you would like to take in another city during your stay in Italy, you might also try flying to Rome, Milan(including Bergamo), Bologna or Parma.

Should I hire a car? While the Italian train service is normally very good and reasonably priced, the bus service is almost non-existent, and you will get most out of your stay if you hire a car. To rent a car, you can book on http://www.sixt.it

What do I do there? Rest and relax, walk, climbing, sightseeing, seaside.

What do my children do? Cycling, swimming, horseriding, fishing. For more ideas on things to do and places to see, contact Sigeric at http://www.sigeric.it/ They speak very good English.

How far is it to the sea? About an hour.

Just what are the Cinque Terre? The 5 villages on the steep cliffs in the Golf of Poets.

What’s the local food like? Very good Italian Trattoria cooking, plenty of pasta, pizza, meat, sausage, ham, cheese and seasonal vegetables.

Where do I shop for food and wine? Either in supermarkets(at Aulla, Sarzana, Fivizzano, Pallerone) or in local shops which are usually very good and where you can buy the small quantities you might want on a week’s holiday.

For more information on any aspect of holidaying in Lunigiana, please go to https://www.luniholidays.co.uk/contact/ and tell us what you’d like to know.