Thanks once again to, particularly as this is right on my patch, although I am more used to doing this walk in reverse, and catching the train back from Equi! 3 hours to get there, 3 minutes to return; but the promise of a good lunch at Equi.

The excursion can be done on the train with stops at the stations of Equi Terme (departure) and Pieve San Lorenzo (return).  Aulla-Lucca. CAI trails 176 and 181 run through chestnut groves and the villages near Ugliancaldo.  Argigliano and Pieve San Lorenzo (visit the ancient church of the same name).

From the town of Equi Terme (250 m) the trail runs west; take trail 176 across the Lucido stream and begin to go uphill towards a large chestnut wood until reaching the beautiful town of Ugliancaldo, located on the crest between the Equi Terme valley and the one towards Pieve di San Lorenzo and its vast surroundings. From the town there is a gorgeous view towards the north of Pizzo d’Uccello.

At the “new houses” in Ugliancaldo, the route feeds into trail 181 and begins a long descent in the chestnut grove towards the Pieve San Lorenzo valley.  Towards the end of the descent you arrive at the fork for Casola in the Lunigiana, then in the small town of Argigliano before reaching Pieve di San Lorenzo (368 m).  The hike takes 3 hours 30 minutes with an altitude difference of 500 m.