Catch the beauty of Tuscany from on high

by Claudia D’Aliasi (with thanks to

Tuscany has got many panoramic spots overlooking the sea, the mountains, the countryside and, of course, the beautiful cities. We’ve chosen for you a list of 7 wonderful places and panoramic views not to be missed.

In Alta Garfagnana – or, to be more precise, in the municipality of Minucciano – there’s a small town where you can admire a beautiful panoramic view. It’s Gorfigliano, located at 685 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Pisanino Mountain.

Going there this time of year, you’ll enjoy one of the most important traditions of the community of Minucciano: the lighting of the “Natalecci“, held every year at sunset. These high bonfires are built by twisting and tying juniper branches around a pole of chestnut wood. It’s a tough tangle of logs obtained from cleaning the forest. For entire days, this activity brings together old and young who dedicate all their energy to creating a huge fire, aiming to make it visible from far away, hoping it brings good fortune to the entire village.

What else is there to see in Gorfigliano? The “Old Church” or the “San Giusto Church”, abandoned after the 1920 earthquake and later renovated in 1983.