Casola in Lunigiana is a small town in Lunigiana which gives its name to a comune or municipality in the province of Massa Carrara, Tuscany.

Besides the village of Casola itself, the comune encompasses the villages of Codiponte, Regnano, Argigliano, Casciana, Luscignano, Reusa and Ugliancaldo, amongst others. These communities boast a population of a little over 1,000 permanent residents, boosted, especially in the summer months, by a couple of hundred Brits, Dutch, Germans, Irish and French who enjoy second homes in the area. The summer population also boasts a few hundred tourists of all nationalities, including descendants, mainly American, Australian and British of the many emigrants who, over the last couple of centuries, have left and continue to leave their land to seek their fortunes overseas.  They come back to visit family and friends but take the opportunity to enjoy the many Sagra which are to be found in every village at some time or other throughout the year. Although they mainly take place during the months of July and August, Casola kicks off the year with its Fiera del Cucu’ and nobody really minds that this closes off the main street for a few hours while the fun goes on. Much the same happens in September in Codiponte during its Sagra dei Pomi or Apple festival which brings the Sagra season to a close.

The featured image shows a small monument in the grounds of the Town Hall and local school. I included it mainly for the beautiful pink blossom behind.

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