The following information has been derived from a variety of sources via Our Lunigiana, a linking website for residents of the area, and some of the information below therefore overlaps.  We haven’t visited any of the facilities described ourselves and have no way of knowing if any would suit your needs or how good they are.

Our general views on the comments below are :- Some are fairly far flung, ie Genoa and Collodi nr Lucca;  Others perhaps more suitable for slightly older children, ie horseriding and cycling (need a car suitable to move the bikes);  Parco Avventura has been tried by a family including a 5 year old and the venue at San Romano, near Piazza al Serchio is not too far to travel, and the Fosdinovo venue is a possible;  Mountain picnic and ice rink is not too far to investigate at Cerreto Laghi ; The caves at Equi Terme nr Gragnola, or of course the beach at San Terenzo or Portovenere, this latter with access to the boat trip around the Cinque Terre.

The following is a cut down version of the actual comments received and hope this is all helpful.  If any are of interest it may be advantageous to investigate further on-line before your visit.

Parco Avventura

We haven’t visited but have heard good things about this ropes course. Not sure about the 5yo.

Activity areas with tree climbing involving full climbing gear, harness and headgear.  My grandsons have been going since they were 5 and love it.  Different levels of difficulty according to height/size;  from small to adult.  Check their websites for info

Find these at Fosdinovo; San Romano near Piazza al Serchio; Prato Spilla

Horse riding- there are stables near Fivizzano, I think at Debico.

Picchio Verde  Owners speak English as well. However, they do American style riding as both lived in America for a while. My nephew enjoyed his treks with them.


Up the mountains past Fivizzano to Cerreto Laghi – the ski resort.  It has an ice rink, places to walk and picnic and shopping areas

Minigolf — if it is still there. at the back of Aulla station the road goes to ~Quercia and up there on the left is a covered swimming pool and further on to the left a restaurant and mini-golf course I think it is called something like Green point – but could be wrong.

If they are cyclists, Lucca has rental facilities for bikes around the city walls but this may not suit the youngest.

Also cycles can be hired from the station near Aulla – the BiCiclo on Via Cerri,71/73, Tel. +39 0187 408020.  If you have the means to transport them.

In Genoa: Citta dei Bambini &dei Ragazzi

In Collodi, close to Lucca: the Pinokkio park

In Marina di Massa,”Parco dei Conigli” for the little ones;  close to the exit of Massa .

In Fosdinovo: Parco Avventura.

There is an adventure park with zip wires in Fosdinovo. But don’t have any other info
The caves at Equi Terme. The beach at San Terenzo.

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