… our village party is this Saturday night, the 26th August.
It is held under the trees by our church in a beautiful setting…
The food this year will be: 
1) polenta with wild boar (cinghiale), or with oil and Parmesan for vegetarians.
2) porchetta (baby pig cooked over an open fire). 
3) sgabei (basically fried bread dough, and utterly delicious for those not worried about their weight), served with prosciutto crudo + cooked ham and stracchino soft cheese. 
4) mixed barbecued meat.
The meats are usually accompanied by locally grown tomatoes, served with olive oil.
Plus desserts, wines & liqueurs
There is no set menu, the cost is for whatever you consume.
This year there will be a magician (I can testify that his tricks are really good, he involves everyone and is very funny), he’ll be doing his magic at the tables during and shortly after the dinner;
there will be a short music concert by local children/teenagers playing instruments and singing, then there’ll be a dj set, playing music for all ages, plus we have a large area for dancing.
I hope to see many of you there, it’s my favourite Sagra, but then I am biased…apart from buying your food, its not a commercial event, it really is a village party with tons of community spirit.