SIGERIC SOC. COOP. is a cooperative of tourism professionals, nature- alpine and tour guides, that provides high quality tourism services for travellers, schools, travel agencies and tour operators, tourism businesses and public institutions.Thanks to the solid experience of our associates in travel and tourism, we are able to offer a wide range of services catering for all sorts of travellers, either individuals, families, groups or schools.

Simona Polli, graduated in Foreign Languages and Tourism Management, and is now a tour leader in English and French, as well as acting as interpreter, translator and travel consultant.

Simona puts her mission thus:

Our territory is for us not only our job but first of all a passion. Our aim is to take the traveller to discover Lunigiana (and beyond!) with particular attention to the historical, cultural and natural highlights but also to the ancient traditions and prime local products, turning a simple journey into an unforgettable experience.

I’ve always lived, both for passion and work, of dance and travel, because they nourish my curiosity and endless search for places and cultures that enrich my soul.

I lived for 4 years abroad (Belgium and Australia) working for international tour operators and only then I felt for the first time where my roots were. That’s why I’ve ambitiously decided to come back to Italy to promote tourism in my native land, Lunigiana, where I’ve become traveller at home.